21 Days

We are now 21 days into 2019. Here’s how my first 21 days of 2019 have gone:

  1. My future mother-in-law had to have surgery to remove bones from her neck because the tendons in her neck are turning into bone. It’s called OPLL and it’s so rare, it doesn’t even have a WebMD page about it. Go ahead. Try to find it. The surgeon gave her a 50/50 chance of being “horribly paralyzed.” I started thinking that Nikki and I were going to have to move to Da Region to take care of her mom; Nikki started looking up states where assisted suicide is a legal option. Somehow and thankfully, Nikki’s mom makes it through the surgery just fine and is recovering.
  2. I got the head and chest cold from Hell. I did think about going to the doctor, only to get scared of a pneumonia diagnosis. I’ve had pneumonia already in my life. Once is good enough. During that cold, I also lost my voice a couple of times, which kept me from podcasting. Some of you are pleased with that, by my calculations.
  3. During a weekend of wedding arts and crafts, Nikki screwed up her back to the point where she gave herself vertigo. She also made a lovely chili. I got to spend my Sunday fixing a door she fell into (only the door that hides the washer and dryer in our home, nothing major) and sitting in a cramped, overheated urgent care room. Nikki was apparently dehydrated and told to rest and drink Gatorade.
  4. The New England Patriots continued to ride an undeserved underdog mentality (one you can buy into for $30, mind you) to their third straight Super Bowl appearance. I look forward to hearing about how Tom Brady doesn’t eat strawberries for another two weeks of my life.

That’s been the first 21 days of my 2019. It gets better, right? RIGHT??

Thanks for the feedback!

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