Things I’ve been doing except working on my podcast

What have I been doing? Well…

  1. Helping plan a wedding. Yes, only helping. I’m typically asked of my opinion, then three weeks later, it happens.
  2. Getting new glasses for the first time in seven years. (No glaucoma!)
  3. Going to the dentist for the first time in I don’t know when. (Wisdom teeth have to come out, but somehow no cavities!)
  4. Trying to figure out which doctor to go to for my first check-up in eons. (Not looking forward to the laundry list of things wrong with me on this one, kids.)
  5. Working on a long-form piece about Mr. Show. My original idea is not coming to fruition like I thought it would. It’s probably why I don’t freelance too much.
  6. Hanging out with Paul M. Banks in South Bend on a Tuesday night. Paul was in town for Notre Dame’s Pro Day and decided to kill time listening to me monopolize a conversation over pizza and beer. (I know how to wine and dine people!) Paul was able to get a picture of First Down Moses while he was in town thanks to my directions. See, everybody knows about Touchdown Jesus. Nobody knows about First Down Moses and THERE’S THE REAL SHAME. Paul will be on the podcast soon. You know, once I decide to start doing it again.
  7. Getting a second job, and not just any job. I got a broadcasting job. I’m officially an employee of Mid-West Family Broadcasting‘s stations in South Bend. I’m so far down the totem pole that I think I’ve already been forgotten (I’m teasing here!), which will make my conquering of those stations that much sweeter (kind of not teasing here, I’m hungry!). If I wind up doing anything of note, I’ll let you know. (In case you were wondering, the last place had their chance and blew it. Or, they just didn’t want a third go-around. Either way, their loss. I’m good and they know it.)
  8. Coming to grips with turning 40. It’s like turning 30, only I find myself looking back and realizing what a total waste my 30’s were. My 30’s, with some obvious exceptions (like finding the love of my life and actually finishing college), sucked. Too much loss, both professionally and personally. I know that loss is part of the game of life and that it’s inevitable, but I’d rather lose some weight (30 pounds, so far!) than lose another good friend or relative.

Everybody caught up now? Good. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

Thanks for the feedback!

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