Tim Anderson is right.

Baseball is boring.

What? You need more? Alright….

Don’t get me wrong. I love the game. I just watched late May Mets game when they’re on a West Coast road trip. I got to see Michael Conforto hit an opposite-field grand slam to cinch it. The Mets winning made it worth it. Leading to up to that, I was bored. After it happened, I was bored. I get why a lot of people younger than me don’t watch.

Ratings are down nationally. There are teams that drew 8,000 fans to the park tonight, and those are good nights for those teams. The A’s were content on not having a radio partner this season until a station that no one listens to in Oakland swooped in. Nobody cares.

Put the blame on any of the following: poor Hot Stove action, poor marketing of its young stars, low-level (at this point) rumblings of a strike, a national TV schedule that only seems to schedule the Red Sox and Yankees playing five-hour games with 78 pitching changes apiece. Seriously, the only people tuning in for that are people like my dad who will fall asleep halfway through the 42nd pitching change in the fifth inning.

Speaking of sleep, I need some. Sorry if this just sounded like unnecessary bitching about a game that should be better.

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