A post-disaster thing

Let me get one thing straight right now. I do not like seeing people’s lives get upended by natural disasters. Seeing the damage that tornadoes threw on the Midwest is heartbreaking. If you or someone you love was affected, I hope they made it through and will be able to rebuild.

That said, people everywhere have at least one TV and/or radio station in their town that is making a big deal about being supportive to those afflicted areas. “We’re (insert affected city name here) Strong!” and all that.

(Get ready for the “comedy” here, folks.)

I want to see another TV and/or radio station in some town take the other side in that marketing ploy. “Fuck (insert affected city name here)! They deserved that hurricane!” I want it to happen in a humorous, non-Republican, strictly comical way and I want people to laugh at it like we used to do. That would truly help with the healing.

Thanks for the feedback!

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