Where am I? What am I up to now?

If you’re asking yourself those two questions (judging from the numbers of this website and the Jim On Things podcast, heh, uhhhhh NOPE.), I started another podcast. This one is also aligned with the fine folks at WSBT Radio and Mid-West Family Broadcasting in South Bend. It’s also something that you’ll want to listen to if you’re as deep into fantasy football as I somehow am now. Seriously, three years ago, I was fine with not having a team. Now, I have four. That’s what happens when you’re able to turn a profit from a game.

Anyway, it’s called The Roster Doctors. It’s a fantasy football podcast and I get to do it with my guy, Craig “The Bartender” Williams. It’s all that “Maximus & The Bartender” sugar that you crave with aspartame-laden fantasy football advice you can actually use and won’t stick to your hips. We’re the self-proclaimed Coke Zero of podcasts! It’s also good to be working with Craig again. I missed my Craiggers!

Look for new episodes of The Roster Doctors every Tuesday night during the NFL season.

As for Jim On Things, never say never. I like doing it, but I also like doing a podcast that has a focus. If I have the time and I want to talk about something that doesn’t fall into the fantasy football realm, I’ll probably put something up. Until then, thanks for your support!

Thanks for the feedback!

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