#13 – “It’s the one-room schoolhouse I never wanted.”

I was happy to give my guest this episode a brief respite from the madness of five kids in one house during a quarantine. Vince DeDario is a writer and podcaster for Irish Breakdown, the Notre Dame portal from Sports Illustrated. He is also one of the co-hosts of Gameday on 96.1 WSBT in South Bend during the college football season.

Vince and I give our thoughts on what the college football season might look like (SPOILER: Vince is a little more optimistic than me.). We also talk about the NCAA’s new rules regarding name, image, and likeness of student-athletes, what the Board of Governors thinks about the proposed one-time transfer rule, and throw in some talk about the Notre Dame women’s basketball program that is now run by Niele Ivey.

#18 – I’m going to start drinking heavier during the show. Jim On Things

If there’s one person who can make me start drinking during the show, it’s Ian Casselberry from Awful Announcing. Ian and I kavetch about baseball. Are we more optimistic than we were the last time we talked baseball? Oh, heavens no. Why do you think I’m going to start drinking heavier during the show? I also become the first sports talk personality in the country to bring up a subject that no one has brought up yet. Listen to find out what it is. Ian also has his own podcast called The Podcass, available wherever fine podcasts are distributed. Maybe one day, it’ll be on Himalaya, whatever the hell that is. — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/jimonthings/support
  1. #18 – I’m going to start drinking heavier during the show.
  2. #17 – We’re hurting.
  3. #16 – Nobody talkin’ ’bout the minors. Until now.
  4. #15 – HOCKEY IS BACK (soon)!
  5. #14 – I think they’re delusional, really.

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