#14 – I think they’re delusional, really.

This podcast is now available on TuneIn! Neat-o!

I started this one off with a bit of a rant.

Well, not so much a rant. A rant would involve a bunch of shouting and morphing into Chris Russo. Nobody wants that. I don’t even think Chris Russo wants that happening to him, really. To be honest, I’m not sure if they’re even hot takes. I do talk about how I think sports will come back, though. What’s the best way to summarize that in a sentence? Let’s try this…

I talked into an open mic for a bit before I brought on my guest. 

That nails it pretty good, I think. My guest this week is Lester Wiltfong, Jr. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Windy City Gridiron, as well as the host of The T-Formation Podcast on the WCG Podcast Channel. We talk about the Bears, including the most important story surrounding them right now. That’s right. We talk about Jay Cutler’s divorce. Lester and I also talk about what the NFL season is going to look like, Mitchell Trubisky vs. Nick Foles, and what the Bears did in the draft. Lester and the guys at WCG do a fantastic job. If you’re a Bears fan, they should be your go-to.

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