Keeping a podcast good and running is tough work.

In case you missed it, I’m back in action with the podcast. If you haven’t listened and would like to, here’s a quick player for you with the five episodes I’ve done recently:

Of course, you can also listen through Apple, Google, Spotify and all the other places that you could listen to it before. However, I’ve added a few places since then.

You can listen through TuneIn, which also enables you to be able to tell your smart speaker to play the podcast. Or, you can listen through the iHeartRadio app. Or, you can listen through, which is Entercom’s take on an iHeartRadio app, which is probably exactly how they would like me to describe their service.

There you have it. I’ve been working this week on the last few things, in addition to trying to get some big name guests. If anybody needs me, I’m trying to get Luc Longley’s number. He knows why.

Thanks for the feedback!

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