What’s On Joe Mind? – This is my brother Mike‘s podcast that he does either far too infrequently or without any sort of schedule. I think he just uses it to milk flights to Europe out of some wacky Britons, for which I am jealous. Who wouldn’t be? It’s free international travel! Some day, I guess….

Item – My friend, fellow Dead Radio Society officer and noted author Tommie Lee does a podcast that’s quite good. While you’re at it, check out his serial podcast that he did last year called The Archive.

Craig “The Bartender” Williams – The man who allowed me to ride his coattails for over three years while I pretended to talk about sports with any sort of knowledge or authority. He also once worked with Tommie Lee on the old WAOR in South Bend. He has also allowed me to occasionally drink for free at various establishments where I shouldn’t have been allowed through the door. The fact that Craig isn’t celebrating a long tenure as the dean of South Bend sports just goes to show how dumb South Bend is.

Ian Casselberry – Ian co-hosts a podcast called The Amusement Park Podcast. Ian has also written about baseball, general sports and pop culture for a number of places and appears regularly on radio shows across the country.

The Baseline NBA Podcast – My NBA podcast of choice is co-hosted by my guys Cal “GameFace” Lee and Warren Shaw.


More will appear over time, maybe.