#16 – Nobody’s talkin’ ’bout the minors. Until now.

Major League Baseball’s players and owners don’t trust each other when it comes to money. They’ll keep bickering and throwing out stories to the press to make the other side look bad for as long as they want. Did you know that it affects people in South Bend?

Joe Hart is the President of the South Bend Cubs, the Single-A affiliate of the Chicago Cubs (duh) and defending Midwest League champion. We talk about how the South Bend Cubs have helped various charities during Covid-19, what else they’re going to do for the community while we hope for baseball, and what happens if the MLB people don’t figure things out in time. Along with running a baseball team of young professionals, Joe is also a baseball fan who doesn’t want to see another 1994.

If you want to help out the South Bend Cubs and their charities, go to SouthBendCubs.com. They have really been doing some great things for people during these tough times.

#15 – HOCKEY IS BACK (soon)!

If you had told me that the NHL would be the first of the sports leagues to release a detailed plan on how they would resume their season, I would have laughed you out of the solar system. Fast forward to yesterday, when at 3:10 pm ET, the NHL announced that Gary Bettman would be announcing the league’s Return To Play plan, before the NBA and MLB (although I think the NBA will be announcing soon).

I was able to get a hold of Tab Bamford, who covers the Chicago Blackhawks for CommittedIndians.com, and we talk for a bit about the plan itself, the incredibly sexy matchup the Blackhawks find themselves in with the Edmonton Oilers, and Tab even made sense of the NHL’s draft lottery plan.

Keeping a podcast good and running is tough work.

In case you missed it, I’m back in action with the podcast. If you haven’t listened and would like to, here’s a quick player for you with the five episodes I’ve done recently:

Of course, you can also listen through Apple, Google, Spotify and all the other places that you could listen to it before. However, I’ve added a few places since then.

You can listen through TuneIn, which also enables you to be able to tell your smart speaker to play the podcast. Or, you can listen through the iHeartRadio app. Or, you can listen through Radio.com, which is Entercom’s take on an iHeartRadio app, which is probably exactly how they would like me to describe their service.

There you have it. I’ve been working this week on the last few things, in addition to trying to get some big name guests. If anybody needs me, I’m trying to get Luc Longley’s number. He knows why.

#14 – I think they’re delusional, really.

This podcast is now available on TuneIn! Neat-o!

I started this one off with a bit of a rant.

Well, not so much a rant. A rant would involve a bunch of shouting and morphing into Chris Russo. Nobody wants that. I don’t even think Chris Russo wants that happening to him, really. To be honest, I’m not sure if they’re even hot takes. I do talk about how I think sports will come back, though. What’s the best way to summarize that in a sentence? Let’s try this…

I talked into an open mic for a bit before I brought on my guest. 

That nails it pretty good, I think. My guest this week is Lester Wiltfong, Jr. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Windy City Gridiron, as well as the host of The T-Formation Podcast on the WCG Podcast Channel. We talk about the Bears, including the most important story surrounding them right now. That’s right. We talk about Jay Cutler’s divorce. Lester and I also talk about what the NFL season is going to look like, Mitchell Trubisky vs. Nick Foles, and what the Bears did in the draft. Lester and the guys at WCG do a fantastic job. If you’re a Bears fan, they should be your go-to.

#13 – “It’s the one-room schoolhouse I never wanted.”

I was happy to give my guest this episode a brief respite from the madness of five kids in one house during a quarantine. Vince DeDario is a writer and podcaster for Irish Breakdown, the Notre Dame portal from Sports Illustrated. He is also one of the co-hosts of Gameday on 96.1 WSBT in South Bend during the college football season.

Vince and I give our thoughts on what the college football season might look like (SPOILER: Vince is a little more optimistic than me.). We also talk about the NCAA’s new rules regarding name, image, and likeness of student-athletes, what the Board of Governors thinks about the proposed one-time transfer rule, and throw in some talk about the Notre Dame women’s basketball program that is now run by Niele Ivey.

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