#11 – I pray for James Dolan.

The wife has been bugging me to be on the podcast. Sooooooooooo…

Vote away!

I’m not sure if it ever came up before and I didn’t remember or if I just didn’t know, but I found out that Cal “Gameface” Lee is a Mets fan. Whodathunk? Before we get to hoops, Cal talks about how MLB has never known how to handle scandals in the past. Look at the Black Sox, Pete Rose, and steroids. Were any of those handled well? Now, look at the Astros’ sign-stealing. That might have been handled even worse!

Turning to the NBA, we get a French lesson from Cal in regards to Rudy Gobert. That said, we’re good with Rudy now. Donovan Mitchell might not be right now, but eventually. Give it time, people. Hopefully, scientists were able to get some helpful information about COVID-19 out of what happened in OKC that night.

How much time do NBA players need to get back into game shape? Cal has an estimate, but I don’t think time’s on their side. Plus, a question about James Dolan.

Check out Cal, along with his co-host Warren Shaw, on The Baseline NBA Podcast. They’re still doing shows, including their Saving The Last Dance editions. Listen where find podcasts are sold.

#10. No, I will NOT restart the episode count.

I initially had a strongly worded complaint for WordPress about being able to embed a player into the page here. Then, I pulled my head out of my ass and figured it out. PROGRESS!

My guest this episode is my friend Paul M. Banks. He has his own site at thesportsbank.net and is also writing for Sports Illustrated. His cat Otis also makes his opinions heard. Click the player that almost caused me to have a complete breakdown to listen. Also, subscribe by clicking the “Subscribe” in the menu bar and clicking the appropriate link for your favorite podcast aggregator.


Who let this happen?

That should be the question bombarding someone’s emails today. Sean Stires, one of the co-hosts of 96.1 WSBT‘s Sportsbeat was kind enough to ask Craig and myself to come on and talk some fantasy football and the Roster Doctors podcast (click the link!) and whatever else came up. In case you missed it, here it is.

The first time on live radio for either Craig or myself in almost six years. Something doesn’t seem right about that.

Where am I? What am I up to now?

If you’re asking yourself those two questions (judging from the numbers of this website and the Jim On Things podcast, heh, uhhhhh NOPE.), I started another podcast. This one is also aligned with the fine folks at WSBT Radio and Mid-West Family Broadcasting in South Bend. It’s also something that you’ll want to listen to if you’re as deep into fantasy football as I somehow am now. Seriously, three years ago, I was fine with not having a team. Now, I have four. That’s what happens when you’re able to turn a profit from a game.

Anyway, it’s called The Roster Doctors. It’s a fantasy football podcast and I get to do it with my guy, Craig “The Bartender” Williams. It’s all that “Maximus & The Bartender” sugar that you crave with aspartame-laden fantasy football advice you can actually use and won’t stick to your hips. We’re the self-proclaimed Coke Zero of podcasts! It’s also good to be working with Craig again. I missed my Craiggers!

Look for new episodes of The Roster Doctors every Tuesday night during the NFL season.

As for Jim On Things, never say never. I like doing it, but I also like doing a podcast that has a focus. If I have the time and I want to talk about something that doesn’t fall into the fantasy football realm, I’ll probably put something up. Until then, thanks for your support!